Aomi Exhibition Halls


Tokyo Big Sight except aomi exhibition halls is closed now.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but I appreciate your cooperation.

Aomi Exhibition Halls are temporary exhibition halls with a total exhibition area of 23,200m2 located in the Aomi area. It consists of two exhibition halls with an area of 11,620m2. The floor is made of concrete to meet various needs, and eaves are installed between the halls to allow passing regardless of the weather.

Facilities Information

A Hall B Hall
Floor Area(m2) 11,620 11,620
Depth×Width(m) approx. 102×114 approx. 102×114
Ceiling Height(m) 9~10.8 9~10.8
Floor Load(t/m2) 5 5
Freight Entrances 6 6