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Event information (for visitors and event participators)

Event information for the upcoming 6 months (updated regularly)
  • * For inquiries regarding a specific event(including exhibits), please contact the event organizer directly.
  • * For contact details for event organizer, please refer to Event schedule

Opinions and Inquiries

  • * Please be aware that our response may take some time. (Responses to inquiries received on Saturday, Sunday, a national holiday, or during the New Year's vacation season will be sent after resumption of normal business hours)
  • * For urgent matters, please call us. TEL: +81-3-5530-1111 (9:00am-6:00pm)
  • * Any inquiries concerning individual events may be sent to the event organizers.
  • * We may be unable to answer on an individual basis if the content is insufficient or certain opinions are expressed.
  • * We are unable to provide answers in regards to the following content.
    • 1. Requests relating to sales, defamation, questionnaires, surveys, donations and so forth.
    • 2. Inquiries not directly relevant to Tokyo Big Sight Inc.
    • 3. Events to be held at venues other than Tokyo Big Sight.

After reviewing the abovementioned items, please contact us via the Opinion & Inquiries Form.