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Thank you for visiting the Tokyo Big Sight website (“this Website”).
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  • 1.The Company does not guarantee that the contents of this Website will be completely free of errors. The Company will not assume liability for any damages or inconvenience arising from the use of this Website.
  • 2.This Website may include configurations, URLs, and other content that is subject to change or cancelation without prior notice.


  • 1.Any data (including text and images) on this Website may not be reused or reproduced without the explicit permission of the Company or for purposes other than those legally recognized by Copyright Law (e.g. reproduction/citation for personal use).
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  • 1.Reasonable security measures will be taken by the Company to protect data provided by customers. Despite these measures, there is no absolute security guarantee when using the internet.
  • 2.This Website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol (an encryption technology) on pages where visitors enter personal data. SSL helps ensure the security this Website by ensuring that data provided by customers is unlikely to be tampered with or leaked to any third party on the internet.

4.Links from this Website

  • 1.The Company does not assume any liability for the content of websites linked from this Website as those shall be managed by each website owner. Therefore, the Company will not be held responsible for any damages or problems that may occur through the use of linked websites.
  • 2.Links appearing on this Website are not necessarily recommended or endorsed by the Company.

5.Links to this Website

  • 1.In general, anyone may link to this Website. Make sure that the linked URL goes to the top page.
  • 2.Please notify the Company website manager of the following information on the website that links to this Website: content, URL, reason for the link, name and contact address. The Company may not allow the link if falls under any one of the prohibited categories listed under 6 “Prohibitions” below. Contact our website manager for more information. Contact us
  • 3.The top page URL (Home) of this Website is subject to change without prior notice. Please note that the Company will not be held responsible for site malfunctions due to broken links or the like that result from the changed URL.


Website users are prohibited from the following actions on this Website:

  • 1.Any activity that constitutes disturbance or obstruction of operation of this Website.
  • 2.Any activity that constitutes or may lead to any inconvenience, disadvantage, or infringement related to privacy of other users, third parties, or the Company.
  • 3.Any activity that constitutes or may lead to any conflicts with public order and morals.
  • 4.Any activity that constitutes or may lead to violations of any laws, statues or ordinances.
  • 5.Any other activities that the Company may deem inappropriate.

7.Privacy policy

The Company strives to protect the privacy of users in relation to personal data provided by customers. For details, please see our Personal Information Protection Policy. Privacy Policy

(As of April 1st 2011)