Facilities and Services

Q.1-1 Do you have coin lockers?

There are coin lockers in various area.
Details are as follows.

Q.1-2 Are there any valuables boxes (safety boxes)?

Valuables boxes (safety boxes) are not available. Please keep valuables with you at all times. For other items, please use the coin lockers.

Q.1-3 Are there nursing rooms?

There are nursing rooms and baby care rooms. Details are as follows.

Q.1-4 Where is the smoking area?

Tokyo Big Sight operates a no smoking policy throughout the venue.
Use smoking area inside and outside the building.

Q.1-5 Do you handle parcel delivery?

We accept it at the following store. Please contact the store to check the business day.

Q.1-6 Is it possible to deliver the packages to the venue (hall)?

You can. Destinations should include the following items.

  • 1. Address
    West Exhibition Halls • South Exhibition Halls • Conference Tower: 3-11-1, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
    East Exhibition Halls: 3-10-1, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
  • 2. Hall name, event name, booth number, company name of recipient, recipient name, and mobile number of recipient
  • 3. The day the parcel will be used (date of delivery)
  • Please receive the packages directly from the home delivery company in the hall.
  • Please note that organizer may be designated as the delivery method.

Q.1-7 Is there free Wi-Fi?

Please refer to the following page for the details.

Q.1-8 Can 5G be used?

Please contact your telecommunications carrier.

Q.1-9 Are there any doctors or nurses in the venue?

There are no doctors and nurses but first aid rooms are available. First aid rooms are set up to provide temporary rest for persons with poor physical condition. We recommend that those who are not able to recover after a certain amount of time leave be checked by a medical institution.

Q.1-10 Do you have AEDs?

There are 34 units in total.

  • 1 unit for each organizer office (Total: 18 units)
  • 2 units for Conference Tower, 4 units for East Exhibition Halls, 2 units for West Exhibition Halls,
    2 units for South Exhibition Halls (Total: 10 units)
  • 1 unit for each security center in East and West area, 1 unit for disaster prevention center in South area,
    1 unit for each parking management room in the East and South area, 1 unit for the East new exhibition building monitoring room (Total:6 units)


Q.2-1 Where is information about accessibility.

Please refer to the following page.

Q.2-2 Are wheelchairs available?

Wheelchairs are available through the Information Counter (Entrance Hall on the 2F of the Conference Tower).
Depending on the status of the event, they are available also at South Exhibition Halls Information counter (2F).
However, please note that the number is limited.

Foreign Exchange, Post Office, and ATMs

Q.3-1 Is it possible to exchange foreign coins?

Currently, we do not handle it.

Q.3-2 Do you have any post offices or ATMs?

There is no post office in Tokyo Big Sight. The nearest post office is in TFT Building.
The ATM is on the second floor of the entrance hall.

Q.3-3 Do you have a post?

It is located at the central terminal (near the bus terminal on the first floor).

Lost and Found

Q.4 I lost something. Where should I inquire?

Contact the West Security Center. (03-5530-1129)


Q.5-1 Is it possible to leave a car over few days in the parking area?

In principle, it is not permitted.
Please contact organizers in advance if it is inevitable to leave it for reasons such as bringing in or out exhibitions.

Q.5-2 Do you have parking areas for buses? Can I make a reservation for it?

Following parking areas are available. We do not accept reservations.

  • East Parking Area:¥250/30min. maximum ¥4,000 / Day
  • Tekko-minami Temporary Parking Area:¥4,000 / Day
  • Ariake East Parking Area:¥4,000 / Day
  • Shinonome Parking Area:¥4,000 / Day

(Each parking area will be open depending on the status of the event.)

Q.5-3 Are there any cycle parking area?

Following parking areas are available. The fee is ¥300 / Day.

  • East Parking Area
  • Tekko-minami Temporary Parking Area
  • Ariake East Parking Area
  • Shinonome Parking Area

(Each parking area will be open depending on the status of the event.)

Q.5-4 Is there a place for picking up and dropping off ?

Please use the central terminal (near bus terminal on the first floor).
However, it is refused to park a car. Please note that it may not be available depending on the event status on the day.

Food and Beverages

Q.6-1 Is there a restaurant in the venue?

There are restaurants. Please see the following page for the information.

Q.6-2 I would like to ask for catering.

Available at restaurants within Tokyo Big Sight and registered hotels.

Q.6-3 I'd like to order lunch boxes.

Some restaurants in Tokyo Big Sight offer the lunch box service.

Exhibition Halls

Q.7-1 I would like to rent an exhibition hall.

Please send us the details by email.

Q.7-2 I would like to rent other facilities (rooftop exhibition area and atrium)

These facilities cannot be used alone. It will be used in conjunction with the neighboring exhibition halls.

Q.7-3 Can exhibition halls be used for meetings or tests with big number of people (e.g. 2,000)?

Yes. However, please note the following.

  • Organizers must prepare the layout plan, set equipment such as desks, chairs and stages, arrange electrical works, and set up and remove all the way up.
  • It is necessary to submit reports to related organizations such as fire departments and police stations.
  • Utilities and air-conditioning costs are charged separately.
  • For details, please contact us by phone. (03-5530-1115)

Conference Rooms

Q.8-1 I would like to rent a conference room.

Please send us the details by email.

Q.8-2 I would like to send the materials to the conference room for the meeting in advance.

Receipt methods differ between the day of use and the previous day. Please see below for details.

  • Receipt on the day you use: When you send the parcel, specify the date and time of the delivery and indicate the place of receipt (Number of floor and room).
  • Please receive it directly in the conference room on the day of use.
  • Received prior to the date of use (fee-based service by conference support center):
    Please send the parcel to "conference support center" in advance. We receive and deposit the parcel at conference support center and deliver it to the meeting rooms on the day of use. Please specify the date and time of use, the meeting room name, the event name, and the name of the recipient.


Q.9-1 I would like to use it as a location for shooting advertisements, dramas, movies, etc.

Please send us the details by email.

Q.9-2 I would like to cover and shoot at Tokyo Big Sight.

Please contact the Public Relations Department (03-5530-1113) for coverage and shooting of Tokyo Big Sight by media.
For coverage and shootings of a specific event, please contact the event organizer directly.

Q.9-3 I would like to use the Tokyo Big Sight photos.

You can download some photos from the following page.
Be sure to check the precautions before use.

Q.9-4 Is it possible to shoot in the parking areas?

Shooting in the parking areas is not permitted.


Q.10-1 I need to print posters, flyers and business cards in a hurry.

Visitor & Business Center Ariake branch offers these services.

Q.10-2 Is there a souvenirs shop?

You can find it at Service Corner on the second floor of Conference Tower.

Q.10-3 Can I take my pet with me?

Please take the pet within pet carriages or cages. However, inside the restaurants and conference rooms are forbidden. For inside the event space, please contact the organizer directly.

Q.10-4 I would like to exhibit at Exhibitions.

Please contact Exhibition's organizer directly.