East Exhibition Halls

The East Exhibition Halls is a three story structure with three floors above ground and one underground parking. It consists of six halls, three on each side of the Galleria. Each hall measures 90m x 90m and contains recessed electronic and information control service pits every six meters. The mobile roof enables exhibitors to control the amount of natural light that flows into the halls. Each hall is equipped with a show office, meeting room, and dressing room. The halls are equipped with large freight entrances to facilitate exhibition setup and removal. The halls on each side of the Galleria can be combined into one large exhibition area, providing a total exhibition space of 26,010m2.
The New East Exhibition Halls is a large-scale exhibition facility with a total exhibition space of 16,000 m2 consisting of East Hall 7 which has the largest area in the facility, East Hall 8 with three connectable meeting rooms, and a "link space" which can serve as a multipurpose area, all functionally-arranged for convenience and efficiency.

360°panorama view

East Hall 1

Infromt of East Hall 1(Galleria 1F)

East Hall 1 Truck Yard

East Hall 1 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 1 Meeting Room(1)

East Hall 1 Meeting Room(2)

East Hall 1 Meeting Room(3)

East Hall 2

Infromt of East Hall 2(Galleria 1F)

East Hall 2 Truck Yard

East Hall 2 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 2 Meeting Room(1)

East Hall 2 Meeting Room(2)

East Hall 2 Meeting Room(3)

East Hall 3

Infromt of East Hall 3(Galleria 1F)

East Hall 3 Truck Yard

East Hall 3 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 3 Meeting Room(1)

East Hall 3 Meeting Room(3)

Dressing Room

East Hall 4

Infromt of East Hall 4(Galleria 1F)

East Hall 4 Truck Yard

East Hall 4 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 4 Meeting Room(1)

East Hall 4 Meeting Room(3)

East Hall 5

Infromt of East Hall 5(Galleria 1F)

East Hall 5 Truck Yard

East Hall 5 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 5 Meeting Room(1)

East Hall 5 Meeting Room(2)

East Hall 5 Meeting Room(3)

East Hall 6

Infromt of East Hall 6(Galleria 1F)

East Hall 6 Truck Yard

East Hall 6 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 6 Meeting Room(1)

East Hall 6 Meeting Room(2)

East Hall 6 Meeting Room(3)

Dressing Room

East Hall 7

East Hall 7 Truck Yard

East Hall 7 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 7 Meeting Room(1)

East Hall 7 Meeting Room(2)

East Hall 8

East Hall 8 Truck Yard

East Hall 8 Organaizer's Office

East Hall 8 Meeting Room(1)


Facilities Information

Horizontal Scrolling

Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4 Hall 5 Hall 6 Hall 7 Hall 8 Link Space
Floor Area(m2) 8,670 8,350 8,670 8,670 8,350 8,670 11,680 3,080 1,120
Depth×Width(m) approx. 90×90 approx. 90×90 approx. 90×90 approx. 90×90 approx. 90×90 approx. 90×90 - - -
Ceiling Height(m) 17-31 17-31 17-31 17-31 17-31 17-31 12-13 10-12 10-12
Floor Load(t/m2) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Freight Entrances 4 2 4 4 2 4 4 2 From East Hall 7,8
Show Office 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -
Meeting Rooms 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 3 -
Dressing Rooms 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - -
  • *Other facilities: nursery room, first aid room


The Galleria is a two-tier 600 meter long street with moving walkways. This main corridor which connects the exhibition halls on both sides is equipped with a glass roof enabling the penetration of natural light and sunshine. The Galleria serves the dual purpose of easing movement within the East Hall and of providing rest areas and food outlets. It is lined with restaurants, cafeterias, and shops. Various escalators make access easy to both floors of the Galleria. It is equipped with electronic sign boards and a host of additional information communication facilities.

East VIP Room

The East VIP Room is a quiet room removed from the hustle and bustle of the events and exhibitions that take place in the East Exhibition Halls. It is a private space ideal for business meetings with special clients. (Hall users only must apply in advance and are subject to fees.)

Easy Access to the East Exhibition Halls

Situated close to the East Terminal entrance, VIP guests can be quickly and conveniently access to the room.

Facilities Information

Floor Area
90m2 (exclude closet, toilet, and stock room)
lounge set (26 seats)/closet/toilet/stock room/refrigerator/kitchen/bar counter/TV/blue-ray disk player
  • *In principal, East VIP Room is available for only organizer who rents the East Exhibition Halls.
    In case you would like to use this room, please contact sales representatives.