Works of Art

There are 7 works of Art display at Tokyo Big Sight. Each harmonizes with its surrounding to create an enriched ambiance. Highly individualistic, these works of art are attracting large crowds.

1.Saw, Sawing

by Claes Oldenburg / Coosje Van Bruggen Sculpture
(steel and cast plastic)
This sculpture is located in the north side of the Main Entrance Hall. It is a large scale saw placed as if it were sawing through the earth.

2.Seven Springs

by Hidetoshi Nagasawa Object (marble)
This piece of art is located in the north side Garden Zone of the Main Entrance Hall. It expresses nature through rhythm, time, water, stone and space.

3.Floating World

by Michael Craig-Martin Painting
This painting is on a long, curved, free-standing wall, like a screen, recalling Japanese tradition and the modern cinema. The images of familiar objects carries for everyone a potential wealth of meaning and reference from everyday life, work, and play.

4.Mabuki, Time, Space

by Ghiju Saitoh Wall relief (mahogany, bubinga wood, stainless steel)
Ma is for mahogany, Bu is for bubinga, and Ki is for the Japanese word for wood. The work represents an environment of continuous movement and tempo in which "things" exist within the continuous flow of time.


by Lee Ufan Object (stone, iron plate, water, light)
This piece of art is located in front of the West Exhibition Halls lower-level entrance. It represents the interaction of visitors which activates the surrounding air.

6.UNTITLED-Three type #3

by Emiko Kasahara Object (marble, stainless steel)
This piece of work represents humanity's limits in communication with the outside world. The three marble beds symbolize man's life: birth, procreation, and death.

7.Art Object of a Cloud

This installation, an expression of the idea of the supernatural, comprises 13 parts. Each geometrically represents a theme: the earth, a star, a mountain, an island, a house, rain, wind, waves, light, lightning, an egg, a fruit and a crystal. Check out the differences in design between each part.