TFT Building Orion Dental Office

Counseling is important, and the relationships of trust is our top priority. The basic treatment method is to treat pain on the day and not pull out teeth as much as possible.

TFT Building 3F
Phone Number 03-5530-5676
Open Hours Mondays ~ Fridays 10:00~13:30/15:00~19:20
Basically it is open on the first and third Saturday.
For details please check your official website or call us.
Closing Day Saturdays (second, fourth, and fifth Saturday), Sundays, National Holidays
Seats 5
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In order to build a trusting relationships, we first listens carefully to the patient's concerns, anxieties and questions. For 10 patients, there should be 10 different ways of treatment. By discussing how to solve the patient's concerns, we would like to decide the optimal treatment policy for each patient. Please feel free to come and visit us.