Corporate Information

Corporate Outline

Name Tokyo Big Sight Inc.
Address 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment April 1, 1958
Capital ¥5,571 million
Number of employees 113 (as of March 31, 2022)
Annual sales ¥17.9 billion yen (FY 2021)
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Corporation
Hitachi, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Corporate History

March 1956 Tokyo International Trade Fair Commission was established to host the Tokyo International Trade Fairs and other various trade fairs.
April 1958 Tokyo International Trade Center Corp. was established to operate the Harumi Fairgrounds.
March 1996 Harumi Fairgrounds were closed.
April 1996 Tokyo Big Sight was inaugurated.
May 1999 Tokyo International Trade Center Corp. completed the construction and commenced management and operation of the Ariake Park Building.
April 2000 Tokyo International Trade Center Corp. integrated business with TOKYO FASHION TOWN CORPORATION and TIME 24 CO., LTD
April 2003 Tokyo International Trade Center Corp. merged with Tokyo International Trade Fair Commission and changed its name to "Tokyo Big Sight Inc."
March 2006 Tokyo Big Sight Inc. completed the acquisition of TOKYO FASHON TOWN CORPORATION and TIME 24 CO., LTD.
January 2009 Tokyo Big Sight Inc. participates in Rinkai Holdings Group.
October 2016 East New Exhibition Hall (East Hall 7 & 8) was completed and opened.
March 2019 Aomi Exhibition Halls(Hall A & B) were completed.(Closed in December 2021)
June 2019 South Exhibition Halls(South Hall 1̃4) were completed.Opened in July.

Executive Officers

President & CEO Kiyotsugu Ishihara
(Former Director General of the Bureau of Sewerage of Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
Executive Vice President & CEO Yasuo Tsukuni
(Former Director of the Transportation Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan )
Executive Managing Director Yasushi Nakayama
Members of the Board Haruhiko Kobayashi
Members of the Board Masahiko Sakamoto
Members of the Board Kazuo Minami
Members of the Board Yoshikazu Miyata
Auditor (full time) Kenji Yamauchi
Auditors Seiya Shimaoka
Auditors Takashi Utagawa
Auditors Hirofumi Yatabe
  • *Former title is mentioned in case that exectiove officers are retired employee of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Corporate Structure

(As of April 1, 2021)

General Meeting of Shareholders [Board of Directors (President & Representative Director [Managing Director / Executive Director[Corporate Management Department[General Affairs Division / Planning & Public Relations Division / Finance & Accounts Division]][Sales Promotion Department[Sales Promotion Division / 1st Sales Division / 2nd Sales Division]][Business Development Department[Business Development 1 Division / Business Development 2 Division / Business Development 3 Division]][Building Management Department[Business Promotion Division / Tenant Support Service Division / Rental Development Division]][Facilities Department[Security Control Division / Facilities Maintenance Division / Facilities Planning Division]] / Executive Committee] ) / Board of Auditors / Auditors]

Management Concept

Contribute to society by Promoting economic activities and regional development.

Management Policy

To establish "Tokyo Big Sight brand" .

We deliver high-quality hardware and software through continuous innovation.

Action Standards

Let's create "The Encounter of a Lifetime" with a sophisticated flair!

  • 1."Visitors' point of view"and "Sense of Speed" are basis of our service.
  • 2." Safety", " Reliability" and "Comfort" are the keywords to making an environment that supports "The Encounter of a Lifetime".
  • 3.To actively develop exhibitions that open "New business for tomorrow".
  • 4.To operate our organization through "Understanding of the current situation",
    "Exciting Planning" , "Action Supported by Organizing Power" and "Verification of Cost-Effectiveness" .
  • 5.To comply with Laws and Regulations.