CSR Activities

What Tokyo Big Sight Can Do for a Sustainable Society

In recent years, the demand for corporate social responsibility has greatly increased, such as the emphasis on ESG and involvement in the SDGs. In response, we formulated our CSR Policy to detail our fundamental principle of fulfilling social responsibilities primarily through our business activities. Based on this policy, we will engage in business activities while maintaining good relations with our stakeholders. Tokyo Big Sight contributes to achieving SDGs related to our business activities while clarifying our connections to these goals and raising awareness among our employees about them.

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CSR Policy

Basic Principle

Based on our basic principle of "Contributing to society by promoting economic activities and regional development," we at Tokyo Big Sight Inc. are active primarily in business involving exhibition venues and buildings to fulfill our social responsibilities as good corporate citizens.

Action Standards

We have set four action standards as our primary means to promote CSR, engaging in our business activities while maintaining good relations with our stakeholders.

1. Creating Safe, Secure, Comfortable Environments

Tokyo Big Sight builds safe, secure, and comfortable environments by maintaining and strengthening our risk management system, including measures against large-scale disasters and infectious diseases, as well as providing facilities and services that take into account the needs of various visitors.

Challenge Direction of activities
Countermeasures against infectious diseases Thorough infection countermeasures in facilities and exhibition venues
Countermeasures for large-scale disasters Establishing a risk management system to cope with large-scale disasters
Safe and secure facilities and services Providing facilities and services everyone can utilize in safety and security
Improve customer satisfaction (CS) Ongoing CS improvement activities

2. Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Business Practices

Tokyo Big Sight contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting activities that take into account environmental conservation and sustainability while pursuing our business, including facility and exhibition management.

Challenge Direction of activities
Environmental conservation Activities for environmental conservation
Sustainability Promoting sustainable facility management and holding exhibitions
Waste management Proper management and reduction of waste
Renewable energy Promoting use of renewable energy
Maintaining and promoting greenery Maintaining and promoting greenery inside facilities
Reducing environmental impact Acquire, analyze, and utilize environmental impact data
CSR procurement CSR considerations during procurement (e.g. human rights, the environment)
Reducing the total volume of greenhouse gas emissions Achieving a total reduction in greenhouse gases
Contributing to a society in harmony with nature Contributing to a society in harmony with nature

3. Contributing to the Development of Local Communities

Tokyo Big Sight is contributing to improving the value of and further developing coastal areas through our various business activities, by creating lively communities, working in collaboration with nearby businesses, and improving the attractiveness of the community.

Challenge Direction of activities
Communication Collaboration with nearby businesses
Contributing to regional development Forming measures to attract MICE in collaboration with the local region
Regional promotion Create lively communities, improve the flow of visitors to the surrounding area
Charity activities Conducting activities contributing to society

4. Strong and Sound Organizational Structure

Tokyo Big Sight engages in business with a high sense of ethics and awareness of danger, seeking to develop environments where human resources are respected and individuals can fully put their abilities to use, with the aim of building a sound, solid, and resilient organizational structure.

Challenge Direction of activities
Governance Maintaining a governance system
Risk management Maintaining and strengthening our risk management system
Information security Thorough information security (including protection of personal information)
Information disclosure Ensuring transparency of management through information disclosure
Diversity Creating workplaces easy for diverse employees to work and be active in
Compliance Ensuring compliance
Information communication Strengthening information communication inside Japan and internationally
Occupational health and safety, mental health Maintaining healthy and safe workplace environments
Work-life balance Promoting a work-life balance
Developing talent Developing and utilizing human resources

Examples of our initiatives

1. Creating Safe, Secure, Comfortable Environments

Disaster Crisis Management

Crisis Management System for Large-scale Disasters

In order to ensure the safety of our customers, we have established a crisis management system that includes early detection of damage, recovery, and construction of a support system in the event of a crisis such as an incident, accident, or disaster.
In addition, we regularly carry out various disaster drills and other activities assuming earthquakes and fires.

Role as a Temporary Accommodation Facility for Large-scale Disasters

Tokyo Big Sight and the three buildings we own are temporary accommodation facilities in the event of a large-scale disaster based on an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The facilities are stockpiled with drinking water, food, portable toilets, and generators for three days in preparation for disasters.

“Disaster Resilient " Waterfront City

Tokyo Waterfront City, where Tokyo Big Sight is located, has been developed with the concept of "disaster resilient city". There are no utility poles, and lifelines such as water and sewerage, electricity, gas, and information and communication are housed in utility tunnel to ensure safe supply.
In addition, the adjacent Tokyo Rinkai Regional Disaster Prevention Park is developed as a disaster prevention base facility for compiling disaster information and coordinating disaster emergency measures in the event of a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake directly under the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Providing Safe and Secure Facilities and Services

Development of a Safe and Secure Environment

At Tokyo Big Sight, we are developing the environment of our facilities with the aim of improving convenience for all users, including free Wi-Fi, barrier-free toilets, a prayer room, baby care rooms, and wheelchair rentals.
In addition, we are disseminating information on the exhibitions held safely and securely via the internet and SNS.

First Aid Training

We continuously conduct regular life-saving training for all employees to acquire knowledge and skills in first aid, and learn about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, foreign body removal, hemostasis, and AED handling. In recognition of our continued efforts, we received a Certificate of gratitude from the Tokyo Fire Department in September 2021.

“Universal Manners” for the Elderly and Disabled

By manualizing and training on how to serve the elderly and disabled, we are promoting the improvement of knowledge and awareness of universal manners among our employees and facility personnel. We will continue to aim for communication from the perspectives of diverse customers.

Thorough Countermeasures Against Infection in Event Facilities

Based on the policies of the government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and industry association, we implemented thorough hygiene management as a facility operator. We also provided safe and secure venues by disseminating appropriate information to facility users and informing them of information on the use of our facilities.

Customer satisfaction improvement


Ongoing CS improvement activities

We conduct regular CS surveys for the visitors of Tokyo Big Sight and the tenants of our buildings, steadily implementing improvements based on the results of these surveys. In addition, the Office Building Division publishes e-newsletters for tenants and organizes various events to improve tenant satisfaction and strengthen communication.

Initiatives Based on CS Surveys

In order to improve our customer services, we started providing free Wi-Fi from April of 2021. The free Wi-Fi can be used in all areas of the Exhibition Halls and the Conference Tower.

Increased Signage in the South Exhibition Halls

In order to improve visibility for visitors, hall entrance signage was added in March 2021.

before after

Lunch Space for Tenants’ Exclusive Use

In order to alleviate lunchtime crowds in the TFT Building, we have set up a dedicated space for tenant employees in the restaurant area on the second floor, and we have also enhanced lunch box sales.

Installation of Delivery Lockers

Delivery lockers was installed for improving convenience in the TFT building.
They are welcomed by office workers as they make it possible to receive packages in a contactless way at the timing of users.

Local 5G Network Service on the 1st Floor of the West Exhibition Halls

A local 5G network environment has been set up on the first floor of the West Exhibition Halls, and We have started the local 5G device service to the organizers and exhibitors as part of the communication line service from October 2023.

Started a service lending AI translation device

In order to improve customer convenience, we have started a service lending AI translation device.

2. Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Business Practices

Environment Conservation

District Heating and Cooling System

The cold and hot water used at Tokyo Big Sight is supplied from the Ariake south plant through a utility tunnel that runs through the waterfront area. At the plant, waste heat steam from local garbage disposal plant is used to prevent global warming, reduce CO₂, and save energy.

Implementing environmental measures

Tokyo Big Sight, as a large-scale business site, has submitted a plan to counteract global warming to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Bureau of Environment, in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Governments.
We have held three conferences on environmental measures, based on our promotion system to counteract global warming, and have confirmed the total CO2 emissions of our business.

Cooperation for “ZERO Emission Tokyo”

In September 2020, we cooperated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Zero Emission Tokyo" plan and provided 59,274 tons of CO₂ reduction credits generated under the Tokyo Cap & Trade System.

No Plastic Straws

In cooperation with shops and restaurants in Tokyo Big Sight, we have been conducting a campaign to abolish plastic straws since 2021. We are promoting replacement plastic straws with paper and biodegradable straws and the provision of drinks with no straws.

Promoting paperless practices

We promote paperless practices such as paperless meetings and reducing the use of faxes. We are also examining the use of PDFs for manuals and other printed materials for exhibitions we hold.
In addition, we introduce electronic internal application procedures for the purpose of improving operational efficiency.

Contributing to a Society in Harmony with Nature

Located in a seaside area with attractive landscapes and waterfront parks, Tokyo Big Sight manages approximately 40,000 square meters of green space, including gardens, green walls, and rooftop gardens.
The garden, which is the foreground of the venue, is designed with consideration for creating a continuous landscape with the nearby waterfront parks, and it serves as a resting post for wild birds.
We will continue to manage the garden appropriately with the aim of creating a comfortable space for visitors and workers and preserving the nature of the Ariake area.

CO₂ Reduction

Promoting the shift to LEDs

Tokyo Big Sight is shifting to LED lighting for our exhibition halls, reducing the amount of electricity consumed and CO2 emissions.

Promotion of ZEV (Projects in Cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

We installed EV chargers in the basement parking area of the Conference Tower, encouraging the spread of zero emissions vehicles(5 chargers, 1 fast charger) We have also introduced ZEV as a company car.

Solar Thermal Utilization

Heat collectors installed on the rooftop of the conference tower collect the thermal energy of the sun and use it for suppling hot water to the kitchens of the on-site restaurants. We are working to reduce CO₂ emissions by efficiently utilizing solar heat, which is a renewable energy.

Maintaining and promoting greenery

Greenery is placed on walls and rooftops to improve urban scenery, clean the air, heighten the insulation of the buildings, and moderate the heat island phenomenon.

Promoting Use of Community-Shared Bicycles

A community-shared bicycle port of Koto-ward has been set up in the garden, and it is used by local people and visitors as an environmentally friendly transportation. It is also used as a means of transportation for employees.

The study committee for decarbonization in Tokyo Waterfront City

In September 2023, the Tokyo Waterfront City Association and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Port and Harbor launched a special project called the "Decarbonization of Waterfront Area Development Study Committee" in order to accelerate decarbonization efforts in Tokyo waterfront city. We participate in the development of a "vision" for the decarbonization of the region in cooperation with local businesses and will work to promote the decarbonization of the region.

ZEV penetration through ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

ABB FIA Formula E World Championship was held around Tokyo Big Sight on March 30, 2024 . Formula E is an urban race for electric vehicles without engine noise or exhaust emissions, held in major cities around the world, and was held in Tokyo for the first time. Tokyo Big Sight cooperated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote and expand the use of ZEV zeroemission vehicles, which do not emit CO2, and to show the world the appeal of Tokyo Waterfront City as the venue for the championships.

Use of Green Hydrogen Produced in Yamanashi Prefecture(Projects in Cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

As part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's cooperative project, Tokyo Big Sight installed fuel cells on site as the first Tokyo-owned facility to use green hydrogen produced in Yamanashi Prefecture and use it as part of the electricity in the facility in order to ensure a stable energy supply and to work toward decarbonization.

Reduction of Waste and Effective Use of Resources

Effective Use of Resources

Tokyo Big Sight is working on the reduction of the waste and promoting recycling at exhibitions. In addition, proper waste disposal is supervised to prevent in advance any unlawful acts such as illegal dumping.

Food Waste for Animal Feed

Food waste (uncooked food, leftovers, unsold food) generated from restaurants in Tokyo Big Sight is processed into raw materials for feed for poultry and pig farming. In addition, methane gas generated in the feed manufacturing process is used for biogas power generation.

Use of Rainwater

Rainwater falling on the roof of the East Exhibition Halls' galleria and South Exhibition Halls is retained in a tank to be filtered and sterilized to supply recycled water for flush toilets in the exhibition halls.

Installation of a Water Dispenser
(2022~ Projects in Cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

To promote environmentally friendly lifestyles, we have installed a water dispenser that can supply cold water free of charge in the atrium of the West Exhibition Hall. We will contribute to the reduction of single-use bottles.

Sustainable Christmas Decorations with Flowers to be Discarded

Since 2021, we have installed sustainable Christmas decorations that reuse flowers to be discarded in TFT building. Our tenants’ workers can participate in SDGs actions while having fun through the event, such as actually decorating the Christmas wreath with flowers into and taking flowers home on the last day of the decoration.

Renewable Energy

Installation of Solar Panels

We have installed an 800kW solar power system on the roof of the South Exhibition Halls, to generate approximately 800,000 to 900,000 kWh of electricity annually.

  • Based on the annual power consumption of a typical household in Japan(4,258 kWh), it is equivalent to the amount of electricity generated for approximately 200 households.
  • Based on the high ceiling lighting (average usage value of 28.6 kW) of the South Exhibition Halls, it is equivalent to 28 halls' worth of electricity.

Adoption of Vibration-Powered Generator
(2020-2022 Projects in Cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

We have adopted power generation equipment utilizing vibrations to the floor caused by movement of pedestrians, to promote use of renewable energy.

Adoption of Paving-Type Solar Panels
(2020-2022 Projects in Cooperation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

Solar panels were installed on the pavement on the premises. Power generated in the daytime was stored for use in lighting at night , to promote use of renewable energy.

3. Contributing to the Development of Local Communities

Cooperation with local Businesses

Participation in the Tokyo Waterfront City Association

Our participation in the Tokyo Waterfront City Association (TWCA) strengthens our ties with nearby businesses through conferences, joint disaster drills, events, and so on. The TWCA conducts Awareness Color Light-ups aimed at aiding social movements and showing a positive message of support.

Project on “Parasports” (October 2022)

As an activity of TWCA’s environmental project team, we participated in the planning and operation of the Parasports Workshop. With the cooperation of para-athlete Miura Hiroshi, who is our company staff member, parasports related organizations, and local business operators, we held an event where you can experience various parasports.

CLUB ARIAKE activities

The Ariake Area Management Council was established in 2014 by businesses in Ariake-Minami.
CLUB ARIAKE was launched in January 2019 to provide information promoting the attractiveness of Ariake and making known events being held in the area to employees and students in Ariake-Minami.

  • Temporarily out of action

Creation of Prosperity in the Region

Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award (2016~)

We support this award as a way to discover young spatial video creators and enhance the liveliness of the Ariake area. Each November the walls of the Conference Tower of Tokyo Big Sight are used for showing the works, and a judging panel is held. So far, a total of 120 teams have participated. Award-winning works are put on periodic display, helping to stimulate the liveliness of the local area.

Projection Mapping at Local Events (2022~)

At “Tokyo Tokyo Delicious Museum” (April 2022) and “ARTBAY TOKYO ART FESTIVAL” (September) held in Tokyo waterfront city, we carried out projection mapping to contribute to the creation of bustle in the Ariake area.

Community Revitalization through Cooperation with Local Schools and Municipalities

On the occasion of the Ariake GYM-EX opening ceremony, we invited the marching band from local schools for performing. The facility will continue to operate as a community-based facility in cooperation with local residents. In addition, we organize a facility tour for local school children to learn about our facilities and our company.

Artist GAKU

SDGs Art Exhibition (September-October 2022)

As a collaborative project with the “ARTBAY TOKYO ART FESTIVAL“, we held the Art Exhibition of Autistic Artist GAKU. Based on the theme of the SDGs, ”no one is left behind“, Tokyo Big Sight, a place that welcomes diverse people all over the world, conveyed the importance of recognizing and accepting diversity.

Supporting the Running of ACTIVE KIDS FESTA (2014-2019)

We supported the running of ACTIVE KIDS FESTA, an event centering on the ARIAKE KIDS CUP balance bike competition, to contribute to enlivening Ariake.

STAND UP SUMMIT(2014-2019)

We held the “STAND UP SUMMIT” recovery aid event together with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the NPO Support Our Kids as a way to prevent memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake fading and to foster future generations. The event gathered a total of 1500 students from Tohoku, Tokyo, and other countries to think together about recovery.

4. Strong and Sound Organizational Structure

Corporate Governance

We are working on improvement of our corporate value by enhancing corporate governance, improving management transparency, ensuring compliance, and promoting risk management. As a good corporate citizen, we will make further efforts to build trusting relationship with our stakeholders.


Based on our internal controls policy, we have established a compliance committee to conduct internal audits on accounts, finances, and service.
We hold regular training sessions on compliance for all our employees, to inspire a spirit of compliance.

Strengthening the risk management system

We have established a risk management committee to formulate risk response plans and hold drills based on those plans, to enable us to manage risks by adapting to the changes around our company.

Promoting Information Systems Security

We took the opportunity afforded by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to implement security measures for our information systems infrastructure used company-wide.
Each year, we regularly hold information security training and drills for targeted attack emails as education and awareness-raising for our employees and take steps to prevent information breaches.

Occupational health and safety, mental health

We are involved in the Healthy Business Declaration of the Japan Health Insurance Association to achieve health management. Through providing various types of information with the aim of promoting health and enhancing workplace environments for better fitness, we help our employees to stay healthy and lift their satisfaction, resulting in better productivity and a more active organization.

Promoting a work-life balance

We promote from multiple aspects the development of environments allowing employees to continue working while fully manifesting their own motivation and abilities. By allowing for diverse lifestyles through flexible working hours including staggered shifts and providing a full range of childcare and family care programs, we are actively engaged in ensuring workplaces where each employee can work with an even greater sense of reassurance.

Developing human resources

As social circumstances and the business environment undergo change, we promote human resources development and enhancement of abilities in order to establish an organization capable of sustainable business growth while achieving our management philosophy and fulfilling our social responsibilities.