In Consideration of the Environment, We Cooperate with Community and Society.

Social contribution is the underlying theme of our management concept. We accomplish social responsibility by support for environment-conscious measures, as well as regional and cultural activities, contributing to society through our business activities.

Cooperation with the Local Community and Support for Cultural Activities

Projection Mapping

We have been holding a Projection Mapping event as part of our community development initiatives since 2014. We started “Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award”, the contest of projection mapping for young creators, in 2016. This event attracts numbers of visitors every year.


As memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 begin to fade, this summit sought to foster awareness of the challenges still facing those working towards recovery in the Tohoku region in fields such as disaster prevention/mitigation and dealing with negative publicity. With a particular focus on the young people involved in the recovery, and based on the idea of taking responsibility for creating one's own future, the summit considered approaches to recovery and supports the revival of the region.

Awareness Color Light Up

In cooperation with the Tokyo Waterfront City, Tokyo Big Sight lights up its
Conference Tower in specific colors to convey support and messages of endorsement for broad social movements and generate prosperity for the local community.

  • *Awareness colors are colors that show support or endorsement of specific social activities and are used when affixing ribbons or lighting up buildings in cause-specific symbolic colors.

UNEP ”Global Environment Information Display” (From2007 to 2017)

As part of its effort to contribute to society, Tokyo Big Sight displayed photographs and information panels provided by the United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) that highlight different elements of the global environment. UNEP gathers the latest environmental information from around the world, delves deep into a variety of pressing issues, and works to develop plans of action that span the globe.

Tokyo Fire Department's traditional New Year's Fire ReviewWe

cooperate in holding the Tokyo Fire Department’s traditional New Year’s Fire Review. The Ariake area fills with people watching demonstrations of firefighting, rescue, and emergency response, as well as a traditional Kiyari (ritual work songs) procession, ladder stunts, and other performances by the Edo Firemanship Preservation Association.

Pro-active Approach to Environmental Measures

  • In order to mitigate the heat island effect, which is feared as an environmental problem in urban areas, as well as to create an environment full of greenery, we are working on the greening of rooftops and wall surfaces.
  • As part of our energy-saving efforts to help achieve our carbon emissions reduction target, we have installed solar panels for our heated water supply, rainwater recycling, and raw-garbage recycling systems, and introduced LED lights.
  • Tokyo Big Sight Inc. established the Environmental strategy meeting for the purpose of promoting the approach that considers the environment more effectively. We have Promotion System of Energy Management. PDF