Building Management Business Segment

Response to a wide variety of needs with high-quality services.

We manage 3 buildings in Bayside subcenter Ariake and Aomi area, Ariake Park Building, TFT (Tokyo Fashion Town) Building, and TIME 24 Building to satisfy the needs of tenants and a wide variety of Tokyo waterfront subcenter visitors.

Ariake Park Building

This building is complex of offices, hotels, and commercial facilities. It features the Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, widely used by visitors to Tokyo Big Sight, and a variety of restaurants that can be also used for business negotiations.

TFT (Tokyo Fashion Town) Building

TFT Building accommodates 40 companies, functions as a kind of incubator institution, conference and seminar rooms together with 3 halls to meet various needs, such as exhibitions, meetings and parties. In "Wanza Ariake Bay Mall", visitors can find a variety of facilities including Japanese, Western and Chinese restaurants, banks, a post office, and clinics.

TIME24 Building

TIME24 Building is an advanced intelligent building located in the Aomi area. The building is unique for its expansive non-columnar spaces. An incubator institution and various types of conference and seminar facilities are also operated.